Considering a career as a Family Day Care Educator?

Excellence In Care is a private family owned (vested interest) and operated business whom believe in offering a clear-cut friendly, supportive and educating services to educators, we service and support our educators as they are fundamental for a great scheme, why not join our family.
If you enjoy the company of children and want to make a difference in their lives by providing quality care and learning experiences from your own home, then family day care may be right for you.
We are a Scheme that strongly believes in bringing the ‘Family’ part of Family Day Care not just to the children of the service, but its parents and most importantly its Home Based Educators.
When you join Excellence in Care you do not just join our scheme, but you become part of the family. Where there is always support, sense of community, friendship and professionalism.

As an Educator you would :

  • Choose working hours to suit your needs
  • Earn a rewarding income working from home
  • Have access to training which can increase your parenting skills, personal growth, and professional development, which will lead on to further formal qualifications
  • Provide valuable socialisation and learning experiences for your own child/children
  • Have support and guidance from start-up and we will provide you with ongoing training and support through regular visits, monthly meetings, phone calls and scheme events
  • Keep appropriate child records, financial records, and administrative records
  • Required to use HubWorks!, which is an all in one, attendances, invoicing, cashbooks accounting, software. It is a 3rd party software, which we supply full in-house training

Be part of a family of Family Day Care professionals in your local area whom strive towards quality Family Day Care.

What support would you receive? Our experienced, qualified, professional staff in the Family Day Care Coordination Unit are there to support you by:

  • Regular visits to your home to provide support and advice
  • Organised play sessions for children to attend
  • Phone, email and face to face support
  • Orientation training, regular in-service training and advice and assistance on further education
  • Child placements
  • Local advertising
  • Free Lawn Sign for your service
  • Free Car Magnets for your service
  • Facebook / Website advertising, with Google ranking
  • Advocating on your behalf for better Industry Standards, on behalf of the service to protect the good name and standing of the service within the community
  • Advice and support in business management and professional conduct, including conflict resolution
  • Administrative support
  • An online private FORUMS only for EIC educators to access. A pace for discussions, advice, sharing ideas, craft ideas, programming and planning templates, Observation templates and access to all forms and policies
  • HubWorks! Training

Putting Family back into Family Daycare, our philosophy is different to other schemes, we care and support educators to ensure they offer the best services to our children. Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

Educator Requirements

Before you commence as a Family Day Care Educator, we will work with you to ensure that you possess all relevant requirements, certificates and safety equipment, in order to ensure the utmost quality of your care. The screening and certification process to become a Family Day Care Educator is thorough, but Excellence in Care will walk you through all the steps to ensure this process is completed to national standards. As a Family Day Care Educator you are responsible to ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain public liability insurance coverage up to $10 million
  • Ensure that an accredited Senior First Aid Certificate, including Asthma and Anaphylaxis management, and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation must remain current at all times
  • Maintain a positive notice blue card and letter. All adult occupants and regular visitors require a current blue card and letter
  • At all times you must meet requirements for a safe and hygienic family day care environment; which will include condition of premises, play equipment and all equipment used for family day care
  • Hold or actively work towards a Certificate III in Children’s Services
  • Obtain Doctor's clearance relating to physical and mental wellbeing
  • Participate in ongoing professional development and in-service training
  • Maintain all Occupational Health and Safety requirements
  • Comply with all Family Day Care Policies and Procedures at all times
  • Follow the correct procedure when treating and reporting incidents
  • Follow all State and Federal legislative requirements
  • Follow and practice correct fire and emergency evacuation procedures, as necessary
  • Comply with all relevant ATO and record keeping requirements
  • Regularly Program and Plan, also completing regular observations on children in care
For more detailed information on obligations and expectations of family day care:
FDC Obligations

For more information on becoming an Excellence in Care Family Day Care Educator, please contact our office to arrange an initial appointment.

What sets EIC apart from the other services

  • We are a privately owned and family run service
  • We are very affordable and have lower costs than most other services
  • No start-up fee charge for existing educators whom transfer to our scheme
  • We have been using HubWorks for 4 years. HubWorks is used by the scheme, parents and educators to access child information and files, attendance records, invoices, receipts, accounting balances and your own personal tax requirements ( BAS statements, receipts etc.)
  • We pay weekly and timesheets can be scanned/faxed
  • We offer a School Readiness Program created by a Qualified early childhood and primary school Teacher
  • Our visits are friendly and supportive
  • We have qualified staff to tend to your needs
  • We have dual phone lines so your call will always be answered. We have a qualified Coordinator to answer all incoming phone calls or questions you may have
  • We have an emergency number that is answered 24/7 for emergencies
  • Our interpretation and policy of observations is, one every two months per child, because we believe that you should be spending quality time with the children
  • We pride ourselves on being an innovative scheme, constantly implementing and improving our systems. In doing this, we are able to offer the latest and best technology to our family. If it is your desire to run your business as a digital platform, we can help you! Some of our educators program and complete observations and forms via iPad, Tablets and computers
  • We provide a web based FORUM just for our educators. You can access our forms, policies, legislation, post a question, start a discussion, share advice, share craft/ play idea’s or simple make contact with other Educators within the scheme
  • We make it our desire and passion to keep up to date with the latest research, legislation requirements and advances in early childhood education and care. We on pass this information to our educators on a regular basis and give daily support so they may implement this in their roles as educators
  • We truly believe in the less paperwork the better! We endeavour to keep a majority of the ‘paperwork’ electronically and only required paperwork is printed.
  • We encourage you to be an active participant in the community, Outing procedures are simple and effective
  • We offer in-service training that is relevant/ interesting/fun and current with industry standards
  • We have a yearly policy discussion to review policies and we value the input from you and families
  • We provide a weekly planner and observation templates are available and are optional to use
  • We provide all areas of training (digital, paper based, whatever your needs are) and have optional learning circles for educators to attend.
  • We advertise and help you find children for your service
  • We facilitate play sessions and educator networking’s, including music classes and physikids

For more information on becoming an Excellence in Care Family Day Care Educator, please contact our office to arrange an initial appointment.

What our Educators have to say:


  • Excellence In Care is an amazing scheme to be part of. The support and training they offer is truly above and beyond what any educator could wish for.
    Being an educator with Excellence in care makes you feel that you are truly part of a team, you never feel isolated and there is always the support there when needed.


  • Excellence In Care is a fantastic scheme. I came to Excellence in Care from another scheme and the amount of support and caring I have had from Excellence in Care has been fantastic. I have been an educator with Excellence in Care for almost 2 years now. Excellence offer educators all the training, support and guidance anyone could need. I have also had my children enrolled with Excellence in Care and as a parent of the scheme I can say I can see the love they have for each and every child that comes into care with the educators. I would highly recommend Excellence in Care to anyone looking at starting their own Family Daycare or parents that need care for their children.

  • I would like to say that it has been the best decision I have ever made in my 9 years of being a educator, changing schemes. You are not just a coordinator to us educators you are part of our family and that’s what I like best about being with excellence in care family day care. You bring the family back into family day care, you don’t treat us like we are just another number , we talk to you all about what is going on in our family life, work life and not be judged. You come into our homes and play with the kids and encourage us to go out and also have fun with other educators. I’m the happiest I have been since changing schemes nearly 4 years ago.