About Excellence in Care

Hi! We are Kimberley and Paul Diefenbach, husband and wife team with a passion of providing quality education and care to the most important little person in your life.
No doubt you have come across our site because of 1 of 2 reasons, either you are a family who is looking for care or you’re an educator who is looking to join an approved service.
For families, you can be rest assured that our educators whom provide care in their own homes are early childhood education and care professionals who will provide your child with a safe and secure learning environment which reflect the diversity of your local community. 
For our educators, if you are like us and believe in giving all children the opportunity to participate positively to our community, cultivates a sense of harmony, committed to ethical practice and provides opportunities to create empowerment and inclusion all while delivering quality, support and love for the family day care sector. Then it might be time to contact us to discuss your next step.
We strive to make sure that when you join Excellence in Care, as an Educator or a parent, you are not only joining the team, but becoming part of our family.

Our Mission

To maintain excellence in early childhood education, through supporting and developing children’s strength and potential through teachable moments that happen every day.  

EIC Team

Our Team

Kimberley DiefenbachKimberley Diefenbach - Approved Provider / Director

With a passion to protect all children’
My team and I strive to ensure that the Excellence in Care family is supported by a group of staff that is truly dedicated to providing the highest quality care. This allows educators to focus their time on interacting with children and providing support to their families.






Paul Diefenbach Paul Diefenbach - Director

‘Embracing innovation and reflective practice that shapes the way forward’
Being the husband of an educator for 11 years, means I understand the benefit of including and understanding the role of the educator’s family and how this can benefit the children in care.





Jodi CampbellJodi Campbell - Manager

Jodi is Excellence in Care’s Manager Jodi's role includes assistance to the Directors, visits, training and acting as a social media liaison and the general running of the office.






Daneca Cheetham Daneca Cheetham - Field Mentor

Daneca is Excellence In Care's Field Mentor whom oversees Edcuators in their working enviroment on a day to day basis. Coordinator






Yvonne StewartYvonne Stewart - Support Mentor

Yvonne is Excellence in Care’s Support Mentor. Yvonne's role includes the first point of contact for all incoming communication, placement of children, all enquiries from educators and parents, and general office duties. She will also conduct coordinator visits from time to time.






Glenda TurnerGlenda Turner - Field Mentor - Playgroup and School Readiness Mentor


Glenda is Excellence In Care's Field Mentor whom oversees Edcuators in their working enviroment on a day to day basis, manager of Scheme playgroups and set's up the Schoold Readiness Program.





Belinda RingBelinda Ring - Field Mentor - Townsville Region


Belinda is Excellence In Care's Field Mentor for Townsville Region whom oversees Edcuators in their working enviroment on a day to day basis. Coordinator





Valerie MaggioValerie Maggio - Bookkeeper / Accounts


Valerie Maggio is Excellence in care's bookkeeper. Valerie is in charge of wages, accounts, and invoicing.


All members of our ‘Family’ are committed to:

We strive to provide a safe, friendly and caring environment; this enables us to offer quality care by qualified and committed staff. Home based educators will cater for the emotional, social, personal, spiritual, creative, physical and linguistic development needs of young children and their families.

We will provide our educators with a safe, friendly, caring and supportive environment. We will cater for all of their emotional, social, personal, spiritual, creative and physical needs.

We value the role of families by encouraging a partnership to enhance the child's belonging in our service. We acknowledge and embrace the cultural diversity of our community, where values, rights and differing perspectives are respected and understanding and empathy is encouraged. We acknowledge that cultural diversity relates to gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, customs, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences and how that shapes the way the child learns.

We strongly believe in putting 'family' back into family day care not just to the children, also with parents and home based educators.

We strive to lead the sector of early childhood to a new age standard.

We believe in providing and striving for excellence in care and education. We will identify areas we can improve upon and commit to continual improvement.

We will provide confidentiality and privacy at all times.

We will reflect the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework in all aspects of our service. We value the importance and relevance of play as it enhances all areas of a child's development.

We will work with children to help them understand that they are global citizens with shared responsibilities to the environment and humanity. We will commit to and support a sustainable future using the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle.

We will collaborate with educators, families, the community and related support services to enrich children’s lives and support learning.

We aim to develop quality learning experiences and opportunities enabling the child to grown and learn as they explore their own interests and strengths.